Welcome to Pet Palace Adopts! Clickable and breedable fantasy creature adoptables! Click to improve their mood and level them up! is a closed registration website, so after you have purchased (or are gifted) your first adopt, an account will be created for you. Website features include personalized adopt codes for easy sharing, Guardian and Pet profiles, Trading Center, and Highscore tables!

All adops are available through That is also the place to find live updates, sneak peeks, and events!

Visit your adopts every day to hug and interact! You can hug your adopts by clicking them. That will make them happy, and the first hug of the day will level it up! You can even share your adops with friends for additional daily hugs! If your adops are neglected for a few days they will become sad, but they won't disappear.

For a more in depth guide, please read our:


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